Friday, March 22, 2013

If anyone's interested, I can't stop listening to Miguel and his excellent modern/throwback/80s-style (I don't even know how to describe it really) brand of R&B. Listen to this loud so you can hear that truly chill-worthy walking bass-line.

As for the lyrics, I feel like he's trying to give his own, slightly classier, twist on YOLO...which is...whatever.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

I just need everyone to know that "Oz: the Great And Powerful" is pretty terrible and you probably shouldn't watch it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sometimes I feel like I'm chronicling my life in snippets- in comments left on articles and blogs, in snapshots posted on social media, sticky notes strewn around my desk- not in a meaningful way, just a stream of flotsam trailing in my digital/real life wake. And I am, I guess. I lack the motivation to turn it into anything more meaningful, more complete. Part of that is the result of my own curation- the belief that things I choose not to share publicly should not be shared with anyone. Is that dishonest? That I keep most of myself for...well, just myself? Or is that normal?

Friday, February 1, 2013


Have you been to Eva's Bakery yet? It's my new weekly lunch treat. On Wednesdays I work a reference shift from 12-2:30 and then take an incredibly late lunch and wander down the street to this sparkling, adorable gem of a bakery/cafe. I mean JUST LOOK at that facade. I DIE. It's so cute. (wait until you go inside, it gets even better). So far I've tried the savory bread pudding (cheesy and vegetable-y and warm and delicious- comfort food to the max, with a tiny side salad of mixed greens so you can feel good about eating a large slab of cream-soaked bread), the turkey and brie croque monsieur (like an open-faced cheesy melty sandwich- nothing to complain about there), but what I really love so far are the pastries. The fruit flavored pastries taste like heaven. Their tangerine bar is like a California summer- with a sharp, fresh bite of tangerine. The only other one I've had was some sort of apricot pinwheel, and I love apricots, but I have no idea where/how they found apricots that taste that wonderful at this time of year (or who they had to kill), but they succeeded. I'm excited for further carbventures. 

(photo from here)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Some days the only real reason I go to the gym is to relieve massive chest pains.