Friday, February 1, 2013


Have you been to Eva's Bakery yet? It's my new weekly lunch treat. On Wednesdays I work a reference shift from 12-2:30 and then take an incredibly late lunch and wander down the street to this sparkling, adorable gem of a bakery/cafe. I mean JUST LOOK at that facade. I DIE. It's so cute. (wait until you go inside, it gets even better). So far I've tried the savory bread pudding (cheesy and vegetable-y and warm and delicious- comfort food to the max, with a tiny side salad of mixed greens so you can feel good about eating a large slab of cream-soaked bread), the turkey and brie croque monsieur (like an open-faced cheesy melty sandwich- nothing to complain about there), but what I really love so far are the pastries. The fruit flavored pastries taste like heaven. Their tangerine bar is like a California summer- with a sharp, fresh bite of tangerine. The only other one I've had was some sort of apricot pinwheel, and I love apricots, but I have no idea where/how they found apricots that taste that wonderful at this time of year (or who they had to kill), but they succeeded. I'm excited for further carbventures. 

(photo from here)

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